The Power of the Belt

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d toolbelt (8)

I attended a workshop called Blue Jean Pocket Writers at the last Tradeswomen Conference and the piece I wrote there was recently published in Pride and Paycheck Magazine. Check it out here Pride and Paycheck

Take My Picture

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safari park july 2010 (22)

When we headed to the African Wildlife Safari Park in Port Clinton, Ohio, we expected zebras and lions and giraffes and all that jazz, not deer and pig races, but that’s what we got. It was hot as hell, our car was overheating and we had a less than friendly encounter with a bison.

Read the full adventure at Jenny Magazine.

Bad Side

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We are always just one fuck-up away from someone’s bad side. 

So, I finally got to see the movie Inside Out and was blown away by it.

I now believe that my Joy got lost in long-term memory and on her train ride back to headquarters hooked up with a band of traveling hobos and decided to see the world for 40 years until Sadness, with three black eyes, riddled with Asthma, arthritis and anxiety, and hunched over from years of hard labor, too tired to run things anymore,sick of Fear and Disgust always telling her what to do and Anger constantly grabbing the steering wheel from her, finally tracked her down and drug her back to the controls, where she reluctantly rejoined the team.

Thank you Disney for making it all so clear now.


By D.M. Glass

Here in my box
No keys
Just locks

Voices talk
And I walk




They whisper secrets
In my head
Tell me to do things
To make me dead

Tell me this
Tell me that
“Peel your skin”
“Eat the cat”

They tell me where
They tell me when
“Up on the roof”
“Now and then”

So much much noise
My many many friends
Trying to break me
Making me bend
Then they’re quiet
And I feel lost
No one to talk to
No one to boss

Here in my box
Cozy I feel
When I’m wrapped in white
My arms like steel

I hug me close
I have no choice
Lots of drugs
Take my voice

My mouth opened
Soundlessness fell

Off with coats
No more straps
Doctors coax me
All more traps

Soft voices
To calm my nerves
Nodding heads
Adjectives and verbs

I sit quiet
And wring my hands
My brain under water
No hope of dry land

Out of my box
In Wonderland
An ocean of sound
No toes in the sand

My body at peace
Head a jumble

I stare at paints
And brushes dry
Empty whites
Mindless eyes

They stare
They taunt
What do they want?
They scream
They cry
Why? Why? Why?

Not a life
Inside this shell
I miss my friends
I miss my yell

So they see
Under tongue
Is where they be

Mind clears
I paint again
Of pure chagrin

My voice returns
Mouth upturns
When will they learn?

And cry
World is full
I don’t ask why

Soon enough
My friends come back
“Hello Mary”
“Hello Jack”

We talk and cry
Scream and laugh
Wear long sleeves
Hide the cat

Words in blood
Cover walls
Wrists a red river
White coats called

♫ All around the mulberry bush
The orderly chased the lady
The voices chanted, “it’s all for fun”
Pop! Goes the crazy ♫

Lips locked
No more swallow
No more shell

Shake my head
Clench my teeth
Voices whisper

Here in my box
I’m home again
Hug myself
Talk to friends

Alright Peeps,

There’s still a lot of blank space on poor Amy, our collaborative poArtry chair, here. Let’s see if we can fill her up with words, artwork, whatever so we can start a new project and send her out into the world, wherever that may be. If you have any ideas on that, I’d love to amy chair 05302015 2

amy chair 05302015hear them.

Poetry in Motion
“Amy” chair poem
Started April, 2014

Words are just words
Until they’re spoken
They can free your soul
Or leave you broken
Or sung
Be careful what you have begun
They’re on the loose
They’re on the run
Near and far
These words they are
Set free
Into the wind
They fly
Gliding softly
Or soaring by
They catch a drift
And are lifted high
Into the sun
Into the light
Into the moon
Into the night
Just open your mind
Fly fly fly
But land they must
To brighten
The dreariest day
Or chain you to hell
Snatched from their flight
Oh the plight
Break the ties
That bind our tongues
Speak up
Speak out
Truth lives
Through us
Through our words
Through our voices
Through our hearts
Thru truth we speak
To enlighten the dark
Thru truth we speak
To bring joy to a heart
Thru truth we speak
To set the soul free
Shall I open my soul
And set the words free
Or keep them inside
As they control my destiny
Oh, to be free

What better place to take Amy today than to Pam Lesko’s house since she added the last installment. Let’s keep going and fill her up

amy chair pams house 2

amy chair Pams house